Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GBBD -- Introducing My Back Porch Garden

Abutilon 'Mary Anne' blooming in front of my drying jeans on my back porch (I spend way too much money on plants, but I can't be parted with $1 in quarters to dry my laundry on a sunny day). This plant has been blooming continuously for like 3 years. Awesome!

Unlike most serious gardeners and garden bloggers, my impulse to garden didn't arise when I bought my first house (I'm still waiting for that). Rather, I've been gardening for as long as I can remember. I took over my family's tiny urban vegetable garden in middle school. In high school I used to cut class to go home and work in the garden. The urge to garden didn't stop when I left my parents' house either. I'm sure that there are still bulbs and asparagus plants that come up every year in the neglected patches of dirt I adopted aroud all of the places I lived in college.

This is my teeny-tiny pond as viewed from my
kitchen. The reed fencing coveres an ugly metal shed.

I'm done with school now, but I still have more or less of a student lifestyle, and my gardening is still largely unsanctioned. My husband, a grad student, and I live in an apartment building in downtown Davis that is filled with students, and we all share the back yard. That means that all summer long the space gets used for outdoor movie nights, barbecuing, drinking beer etc.; I garden in it too. It's an unlikely place for a garden, but the management turns a blind eye, the neighbors are respectful, and the mow and blow "gardeners" don't seem to do too much damage.

My pots on the back porch and two small beds are way too shady and small to fully satisfy my gardening urge, so I have to garden elsewhere too (The vegetable garden that frequently appears in my blog is in the Experimental College Community Garden on the UC Davis campus). But the back yard has some really pretty ornamentals that deserve to be shared on GBBD (or a little thereafter, I'm bad at getting things done on time). Not a whole heck of a lot is blooming right now, but I'll share more next month.

I put these violas in right before our superbowl party because the place was looking so drab. I guess it shows my prediliction is to pay more attention to plants than football.

This Corsican Hellbore is pretty amazing. I love green blossoms!
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  1. great pictures and cute commentary...
    do you know Erica "Era"? She recently graduated from UCD with a Hort master's degree and has a great blog.

  2. Yeah I think I do know her. I didn't realize that she'd moved out of town. Her blog looks awesome

  3. Beautiful violas! I'm still waiting for my first house too, although I didn't develop an interest in gardening until I started realizing that my first house purchase won't be very many more years in the future.

  4. Hey there Marion! I believe we do know each other; California Floristics in the Spring of 2007? I can't wait to read more about your garden, and try your organic fertilizer recipe! Enjoy the spring!